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Phoenix Internet Services is a website development and design company located in Baltimore, MD that has successfully created websites for clients from all over the country since 1999. One of the reasons for our success is that our development and design services are implemented with an insight into search engine positioning and by maintaining a professional look and feel at an affordable price. But creativity alone is not enough.

Our business savvy provides our clients a positive return on their investment during the development stage. While working on your site, you'll be dealing with experienced business professionals as well as programmers.

Web development involves creating dynamic content for your site, programming the special features of your site, selecting and setting-up the right software to run on your server, assessing your hosting needs, and making sure that everything runs smoothly. Simply put, if you want your site to be interactive and/or dynamic, then you will need a web developer as well as a designer. With experience in perl, php, xml and mySQL, Phoenix can be your Web developer.

Web site design determines the look and feel of your site. We offer custom web site design and redesign services for corporate institutions, educational entities, small businesses, non-profits and individuals. Your website design plays a major role in its visitors' choice to either stick around or continue surfing. The design also affects how search engine friendly it is. Graphics, layout, load time, fonts, and ease of navigation can all influence the visitor as well as the bots and spiders sent to index your site by the search engines. We will create a site that retains visitors, make it fast, clean, and pleasant to look at. We can even add Flash elements to your site.

To help you with decisions that should be made before actually beginning your site, read our Site Planning page to help you to determine what is needed to start your project. Once you have your needs and wants defined, you can submit a request for a free price quote by clicking here.