Design Pricing

Creating a unique and effective web site can be a great challenge. One of the most asked questions is "How much is a site?" Unfortunately the only available answer is another question. "What do you want your site to do?" Due to the different needs of each site, and the various ways to fill those needs, there are no set prices for site development and design. Some of the variables that determine web site pricing are:

  • Do you have your own graphics? Are they in digital form? We can create the art that you need, but the more artwork we have to do - the higher the cost.
  • Do you need an e-commerce solution? Do you want to accept credit card transactions in real-time or do you wish to use your existing merchant account. Once again, we can set you up from scratch or integrate your existing system into the design.
  • Do you want a Flash intro? While Flash intros are very eye catching, programming can be very labor intensive and costly.
  • Do you need database management capabilities online? How large is your database and what format is it in? We can build your database system for you or, if compatible with web server standards, use your existing format.

Therefore you can see why detailed information about what you really want your web site to do and look like is a crucial condition for determining a price for it!

We do offer a couple of different ways for you to pay for your design and development project. The first is the industry norm, make a deposit at the beginning of the project and pay the balance upon completion and implementation. We also offer a "pay as you go" plan where you pay a flat monthly fee for your domain name, hosting fees and design charges. This is an excellent option for companies and individuals.

For a free consultation about your upcoming project, please go to the Get a Quote page, describe your requirements and we will get back to you in less 24 hours with a proposal and recommendations. If you are in the greater Baltimore, MD - Washington, DC areas, we can even visit with you to discuss your requirements. If you are out of the area we can be reached, toll free, at (888)-575-9238 for a phone consultation.